Can’t describe how glad I am to finally be able to share pictures I’ve made in Jordan last October. Though this vacation was quite a bumpy ride, photography-wise it was a paradise. Breathtaking mountain views, radiant salt mist hanging above the Dead Sea, deep river canyon hiding between massive rock walls and of course unforgettable Wadi Rum dessert that remains equally beautiful under the hot sun, in the rain or in the full moon light.

This time digital only, still haven’t been able to find a new analogue friend after my Minolta collapsed. Camera wasn’t with me all the time for different reasons, so a big part of my travel pictures is made by phone, those can be found on my personal Instagram page.

As chances of me coming back here with another photo story until the end of the year are very small I wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance!


You never know where the inspiration will come from. For years I was biking under a bridge and looking into a “dirty hole” as I called it, that just kept on drawing my attention every single time. It was the light that made that creepy place so special for my photographic eye. It would change from a hard tiny strip falling from the top of the bridge in the midday to a perfect soft light spot in the early morning and late afternoon. 

From the first day on I knew I gonna shoot there. I kept on biking along the place back and forth and ideas bounced in my head like lottery balls but no number was coming out… Until, this summer, Patta blessed us with the seersucker paks, that I’m totally in love with as much as with this toxic duo ♥ →

B L A C K & W H I T E W E D D I N G

Exactly a month ago I had a pleasure to photograph a wedding of Paula and Clemence. A sweet German couple from The Hague who decided to marry in De Mesdag Collectie, making it my ever first wedding photographed in a museum and I can’t be any happier with this experience! Lovely location, stunning art collection, charming garden, beautiful couple and incredibly stylish guests - all the perfect elements for an unforgettable wedding. 

The light and colours looked great but something was telling me it’s black and white that will embrace the atmosphere and emotion of that day the best, and I think I wasn’t mistaken. What are your thoughts on monochrome only wedding photography?  

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