Aleksandra is editorial and commercial photographer specialising in product, food & beverage, portrait, corporate and lifestyle photography for forward-thinking brands and open-minded individuals. With a keen eye for detail, bold use of color, refined lighting techniques and unique ideas she brings visions to life by creating original imagery.

She is a collaborative creative who enjoys working with the clients right from the beginning to help create the look and feel of the shot. From concept creation to styling to the final photo – Aleksandra brings her unique perspective to every aspect of the shoot. 

Shooting both analogue and digital, she gets her spark from the ever-changing world, nature and people around her, and believes that impact the images make comes from intricate play between emotion, light and space.

Her photography gets published in corporate and public magazines, brochures, ad campagnes, on websites and online platforms. Some of her clients include Stryker, Adidas, BNP Paribas, Reuzel, S&M, The Bulldog, Nocco, Big Tom.

“My personal goal is to create original and compelling visual content that challenges the normality and shifts opinions to create a new, better world”.


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