In the last decade, food photography took social media by storm turning from a niche in photography into one of the most favorite photography topics online, a new art form. Food photography remains a very specific genre, as it demands passion and a deep understanding of the products and their qualities. 

Professional food photography is, usually, a collaborative effort involving a photographer, a food stylist, a prop stylist, and their assistants. Lifetime of passion for food and cooking with years of expertise in culinary arts, working alongside talented chefs, food stylists and photographers landed me with a unique skillset that allows me to see the project through from concept, execution and all the way to photography. 

While always on the lookout for the variety of styles, colours, textures, patterns and shapes of food, I love to create scenes that evoke a feeling of familiarity with a simplistic aesthetic approach. Only carefully selected props that will add depth to images, complimenting your product rather than distract from it, will be used. 

Looking for a sexy food content for your social media, website, product packaging, menu, cookbook or simply have a project in mind relating to food? 

Let’s get in touch and create some mouthwatering visuals together!  

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