Welcome to Out of Focus.

My name is Aleks. I’m neither a portrait, wedding, or fashion photographer, nor am I a product or food photographer. I am – all of the above and more :) I take pleasure in photographing people and animals, food and objects, landscapes and interiors and… you name it! Variety in photography is what drives and challenges me. There is always so much to experiment with – no day is ever the same.

My background is as diverse as my photography. I am glad to be given a chance to work in marketing, food and beverage and film production. Each of them is undoubtedly responsible for who I am today, both as a person and a photographer. My marketing degree helps me better understand commercial projects and translate strategies into visuals, while time spent observing and assisting many talented chefs pays off when it comes to food photography. Working on film sets taught me more about lighting than any book or school ever would.

Light comes first. Always. Without light there is no picture to speak of, no emotion, no moments or memories – just a black void. Light is the heart of my photography, be it a wedding reportage, portrait session or a studio product shoot. I tend to favour natural light – elusive as it is, it’s still the most authentic atmosphere creator and emotion intensifier. When in the studio, I often try to recreate various natural-light scenarios with the help of controlled lighting. 

I shoot both digital and analogue. While my personal preference is for the latter, due to the nature of my assignments, you’ll find digital work prevailing in my portfolio. For the time being, I’m based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, but am open for projects in other cities and abroad.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me and my work! 

I am open for suggestions and any kind of collaboration. Feel free to drop a line or give me a call if it’s urgent.

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