Set Photography - Behind the Bars

Almost two months ago I was working as an Assistant Camera on the set of a Dutch feature film. Ten long heavy work days with hardly one day of rest in between are still kinda haunting my mind and body, but for the rest let’s say it was fun. 

I often take my camera with me even if, technically, I don’t have to make any pictures. This time often turned into.. one day, yeah… tiredness kills everything. Luckily I took it with me on exactly the right day, when we were shooting in a former prison complex Bijlmerbajes, which is currently anything but prison.. a hotel, a restaurant, climbing spot.. you name it.

Several floors and some other areas, as far as I know, remain untouched though. You can get a guided tour through these prison facilities, that in some cases look better than that hotel room you booked on your vacation to Thailand.. maar ja welcome to The Netherlands :)

Yet, even a comfy and relaxed ex-prison still has its creepiness, depri-wibes and that dark and empty feeling which I tried to capture in my photographs. Pictures are a mix of set and interior photography. 

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