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“Photography is the beauty of life captured.” – Tara Chisholm 

Indeed, our world is full of beauty and wonder that luckily we have photographers to capture. It’s these photographers that let us see what we might have missed or might not be able to imagine.

The need for visual content is a big thing in today’s world. It’s in our day-to-day socializing online, in the way we see brands and new products, and across blogs and online magazines. This visual content boasts beautiful images that photographers help create. It’s an ever-growing, always-needed business that any budding photographer should be taking advantage of. 

Your creativity is worth so much more than a simple click of the shutter. Make sure your talents and your images are seen and get serious about your work. 

Thanks to companies like Format, getting your online portfolio up is simple. Who is Format? 

Format is an easy-to-use platform for photographers and artists that assists them in building their business by creating a successful website. Thanks to their simple tools and 24/7 assistance, you can build an online photography portfolio that showcases your work to the world that’s Mobile and Tablet ready. 

 At Format, photographers can easily grow their business by setting up a professional domain and email with a simple website in minutes without writing a single line of code —made possible through Format’s intuitive design editor and their mobile-optimized website templates.

Once you’ve started with Format and have your website created, they can help you get set up with Client Photo Galleries to make showing your clients your portfolio simple and with no large file transfers. Then, with an easy-to-set-up online store, you will be selling your work and keeping 100% of your revenue. 

Many photographers struggle to make sure they’re getting what they deserve for the work they do, and Format understands as they are photographers, artists, and designers themselves. And, while the above is designed for anyone to accomplish, Format makes sure you’re taken care of with hands-on help options and world-class, 24/7 support. 

Browse Format’s site to fully capture what they have to offer and start getting serious about growing your business today! 

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