Travel Photography - Santorini

Here I am again, half a year later trying to tell my photography story about Santorini, but as they say better late than never. And it’s so true, this beauty has to be shared, keeping it to myself would be just a crime.

I’m really glad we went to Santorini in the beginning of October and not in the summer. It was quite packed with visitors for a low season, but still doable, without crowds occupying everything anything everywhere and letting me take as much pictures as I want while still enjoying it :)

Unlike other tourists with alarming amout of selfie sticks making pictures of every millimeter of the street I mostly concentrated on following my boyfriend Rody with a camera and giving all that extra unasked attention to every homeless dog and cat I met on my way. I bet animals of Santorini created an anonymous support group upon my departure ;)

For those of you who plan to visit Santorini I mostly have only one advise - try to stay away from the busy city center. It might be nice to walk there couple of times, but the real island is not there! Calm distant corners is where you will find locals, best food, lower prices & great atmosphere. A local bakery existing more then 40 years with his founder still getting up at 4 am to bake yummy local pastry, a small cafe owned by a cute old couple or a simple dinner place with the best kebab on the entire island - those are the place you should go for!

Here is the list of places I enjoyed the most:

  • Katharos Lounge - delicious food & very nice and friendly owners and a dog
  • Jerry’s Food - sweet owners, nice for a simple breakfast
  • Boras Bakery - perfect place for a breakfast on the go
  • Domaine Sigalas - the best winery on the island (I visited many more :p)

Have fun & see you soon!

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