Each event is unique and requires a lot of resources, time and attention. Days, weeks, months or, perhaps, an entire year of preparations and hard work of many people are about to pay off.

No wonder you want everything to go smoothly, from time schedule to decorations of the areas, to catering, to sound quality, to media coverage and photography. None of us can be at thousand different places at the same time. The only way to succeed is to hire professionals and trust their expertise, while you can concentrate on your own duties or simply relax and enjoy the event. If you agree with me, look no further!

Your event is my top priority and no moment will be missed. I will capture the atmosphere and every valuable moment and detail. Think about photographs of speakers, interaction of guests with each other or your products, Q&A sessions, logos, banners, booths, promotional booklets and decorations, interior and exterior overview photos, group pictures and anything else you might need. Just ask me and I will find a solution to suit your marketing and publicity needs.

My services include (but not limited to) event photography of conferences, marketing and corporate meetings, sales events, trade shows, fairs and exhibitions, award ceremonies, gala dinners, receptions, product launches, PR and influencer events, farewell and birthday parties, concerts and festivals.

Final results are always delivered in highest resolution and compressed format for web use or any other format you might require.

Tell me about your event and I will have a proposal ready same day. 

Do not hesitate to contact last minute!

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