Are you looking for natural, candid, cinematic photos of yourself, your lover, friends or family? I’m here to help! 

Let’s be honest, most of us have barely any experience as a model. Standing in front of the camera and being told what to do or trying your own best in posing, to put it mildly, feels awkward, even worse, it will probably tense you out and make you look not like your normal self. 

Who wants that?

Instead of posing in the intense atmosphere of the studio we can spend an afternoon hanging out and getting to know each other better with a cup of coffee and a laid-back conversation. All people are unique, each with their own personality. I believe that social contact is what brings the personality out and allows me to capture it in a portrait.

Ideally, we will shoot in the intimacy of your home, go for a relaxed stroll around the city or a beautiful natural area or pick up a location that suits your wishes. We can spend as much time as we need until we are all happy with the result. Just let the day unfold without any pressure or hustle, make it a fun experience and, in the end, create memories that will last a lifetime.

If you feel me on this one, let’s connect and make it happen!

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