A wedding day is one of the most significant days in our life. It’s not just a mere celebration of your union, your love, it’s a day when lifetime commitments are made and family history is written. 

Weeks, months or, maybe, even an entire year of preparations... The venue is arranged, dress, rings and cake are ordered and invitations are sent. It wasn’t easy to choose any of the above, but how do you pick something you cannot really preview, touch, taste or try on? Yes, I’m talking about your wedding photographer.

The market is divers, there is a whole range of wedding photographers, all with their own style, philosophy, price and way of working. Whom can you trust crafting images that will be hold dear for generations? I believe there is a perfect photographer match for each couple, and, who knows, maybe I’m the one for you!


Over the years I’ve come to realize that the images that are the most dear to people are the ones that tell their true and unique story, the ones that let them relive feelings and emotions of that day. We are all different, each with our own taste, personality and character, beauty and imperfections. That’s why there cannot be some unified approach or script that can be applied. Each wedding is an adventure!


I prefer not to label my photography style as specifically documentary, bohemian, hip, vintage, classic or fashion. My style is somewhat intuitive and evolves around the couple, their chemistry, guests, the venue, the weather, etc. In other words, elements that will all come together on the wedding day and, eventually, compose the irreplicable atmosphere of your day. I love shooting natural, intimate, emotive, artistic and cinematic images. 


My shooting style is discreet and unobtrusive. I prefer to shoot in the background to avoid disrupting the flow of the day as it unfolds. I will be right there next to you to capture the most intimate moments, yet make my presence minimal. Don’t worry about posing, just sit back and enjoy your wedding. The beauty of genuinely happy people is real and, after all, it’s my job to make you feel comfortable and forget about the camera. 


After the wedding, all pictures will be safely stored, carefully selected and individually edited. A small preview will be available within a week after the wedding, while the rest will be ready in no longer than 4 weeks. 

Always delivered copyright free in high resolution and compressed format for online use. 

I’m located in the Netherlands and available throughout the country or for destination weddings.

Contact me to find out about more about my work, prices and albums.

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