Wedding George & Rixt at Hortus Botanicus

The wedding of George and Rixt at Amsterdam Hortus Botanicus was a true international affair, with guests from all over the world coming together to celebrate the couple’s love. 

I had the pleasure of capturing every precious moment of this special day. From the bride’s colourful floral dress to the longest wedding dinner table, every detail was perfect. 

Hortus Botanicus, with its lush tropical gardens and historic architecture, creates trully magical atmospere, that a wedding photographer can only dream about. 

George & Rixt reminded me that love knows no borders or boundaries, and that it has the power to bring people together from all over the world. It was an honor to be a part of this beautiful celebration, and I’m grateful to have captured the memories that will last a lifetime. 

If you’re planning a wedding this summer and looking for a photographer who can capture the beauty and romance of your special day, hit me up! I’d love to be a part of your love story and create stunning images that you’ll treasure forever. ❤️ 

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